About Us

Who are you?
We are Kaizo Minds - a collective of artists and creators, or "round pegs in square holes" and the message is in our name, the word "Kaizō" (改造) being a Japanese word that means "Reorganise", "Restructure" or "Reconstruct". You see, our minds are not conventional - we do things differently around here. Do we do it well? Or even better? Well, that is something only you - someone who has stumbled upon us and our website - can decide.

What makes up Kaizo Minds?
"The big three": Kaizo Minds Music, Alt:MagSword Saint Productions and all the minds involved in their creation. Please take a moment to investigate these further via the tabs above.

Why is your motto "More Work, Less Sleep"? I like sleep!
Don't worry, we like sleep too, but this motto is less about what we consider a respectable work to sleep ratio, and more about priority and self-discipline. Nothing is gained from sleeping in unnecessarily - but something is definitely gained from waking up early to tap away at pursuing your dreams. Here at Kaizo Minds our "work" is our livelihood and if we lose sleep staying up late working on our projects - then that is what we want to be known for.

What is that skull? Why does it have a Rubix Cube for a brain?
That's our logo. This beautiful piece of art was drawn by illustrator gurovart. A Rubix Cube was switched with the brain of the skull because the classic puzzle has 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 different positions. That's a lot, and collectively we have a lot of ideas - all of which require an alternate, reconfigured mindset, reconfigured like the faces of a Rubix Cube.

Who are the main brains behind Kaizo Minds?
Lewis "Super b0ss" Cox, James "Return Of The Mac" MacDonald, Neirin "Papi" Thompson, Josh "Asperjosh" Grahame, Jimmy "God" Allen and Owen "Ukulele Man" Olive. Of course behind every great man is a great woman: so our mothers and girlfriends too.